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Baby Hair Care Set (4pcs)

Baby Hair Care Set (4pcs)

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The cutest and most practical baby gift for parents. There are 4pcs in this set including a gentle silicone shampoo brush ~ say goodbye to smelly wet wash cloths! 

This brush set comes packaged perfectly in a gorgeous box. 


What's included in the kit?

- A soft hairbrush made with natural goat hair bristles.

- A gentle silicone shampoo brush to use in the bath/shower. There is a suction cup on the base so you can easily stick it to the bath/shower for easy access. Perfect for loosening cradle cap/dry skin. 

- A massage brush made with wooden bristles to increase circulation and massage the scalp, helping to calm your little one and encourage hair growth. 

- A premium wooden comb which easily detangles tiny knots and is also perfect for styling.

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